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Babies love to sleep right?
Infant sleep habits

When my son was born the hospital stay was a breeze.  We fed him, he would sleep for a few hours, we would feed him again, burp him, swaddle him, and off to dreamland.  Once it was time for us to go to bed we wheeled him down the hall to the nursery and it was great!  After everyone saying

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Breastfeeding…Nothing for me to do here
How to help with breastfeeding

My wife was determined to breastfeed our son from day one and I was fully on board. I mean that would be awesome for me on so many levels right?  First we save a bunch of money on formula, second those late night feedings will fall on the wifey since I can’t produce milk, thirdly I don’t have to miss

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Things you need to learn
Swaddling a newborn

When you see a baby born on television or your friends talk about the miracle of birth none of them mention some of the most basic thing you should learn before welcoming your bundle of joy in to the world.  Well my wife and I found out the hard way how unprepared we were from day 1…actually day 2 since

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