Before our son was born we were told by everyone with a child that we need to get a good diaper pail and the overwhelming recommendation was the Diaper Genie II.  As a guy I was thrilled because this is like a gadget for the nursery.  It has a cool bag attachment, a blade for cutting, requires me to make less trips to the trash room, and it holds crap filled diapers – it has everything a guy is looking for!  I will say that for the first six months this device more than paid for itself.  Changing a babies diaper 6 or more times a day is a lot of work and when I was at the office I know my wife appreciated the time saver right next to her.

Of course nothing can last forever and as Blake is now nearing 17 months the Diaper Genie is losing the battle for smell control supremacy.  The transition from breast milk to formula and stage one foods wasn’t bad.  Moving up to stage two and introducing some new solids started us down the road to new wondrous times in diaper duty.  Now that he is on normal table foods – fruits, veggies, meats, and more the DG is getting killed.  Changing a diaper is not as easy when your kid decides he doesn’t want his diaper changed.  I never knew how strong a 27 pound little monster could be, but if he catches you with a foot to the face while you are trying to prevent a dirty diaper grab you will not forget that moment going forward.

What makes the experience even more enjoyable is cracking the lid to the Genie to dispose of a new ten pound bundle of diaper glory releases an aromatic sensation that is hard to describe. Well not so much actually.  Picture a diaper sitting in a hot car with minimal airflow…open the door.  That hits you right in the face doesn’t it?  Just makes you go DAMN!  Well that is what the DG now does. It is basically just a breeding ground for odor – not nice “Oh what’s for dinner?” odor, but just a pungent scent you wish you could forget.

I have come to the realization that it is time for us to move away from the DG and trash diapers more often.  It will be a sad day when I retire that round white bin of so many pee pees and poo poos, but another chapter is soon about to begin – POTTY TRAINING!!!!!