This is always a huge moment for expectant parents – the first visit to the OB to see your baby.  I had seen this enough on television to think I knew what the deal was and to an extant I did.  We arrived at the doctor’s office, went back to the room with the sonogram machine, and my wife hopped on up.  The sonogram technician – not the doctor like they show on TV so often – put some gel on my wife’s stomach and the search began to find the little guy.  You will hear the heart before you really see anything because early on the baby is little it is just basically a fluttering on the screen, but the heartbeat is unmistakeable.   The technician will check the position of the fetus to make sure it is in the right spot, will confirm the heart rate, and get some measurements.  There is a lot of clicking and beeping because the tech is getting a look at the uterus, ovaries, fluid level, checking for any abnormalities, and fibroids.  Oh you think I had ever heard the word fibroid before I visited the OB?  Aside from the technical information being thrown around this is a great experience.  I had my Flip cam running the whole time so I wouldn’t miss a thing.  Tears were shed and smiles were had.  This visit can be somewhat stressful because there is usually more risk early on in a pregnancy and finding out everything looks good is a wonderful feeling.  This is also a blast of reality because until this point all the baby was was a couple of lines on a pregnancy test and now you are realize just how much responsibility is coming your way.  In my case I knew I was in for a crash course in handling a baby.