When my son was born the hospital stay was a breeze.  We fed him, he would sleep for a few hours, we would feed him again, burp him, swaddle him, and off to dreamland.  Once it was time for us to go to bed we wheeled him down the hall to the nursery and it was great!  After everyone saying how you will lose sleep and the baby will keep you up I thought well there baby just sucks compared to ours.  Apparently the hospital stay is some sort of made up fantasy land to screw with new first time parents and I am sure they laugh their asses off when we walk out the door to go home.  As new parents I knew we would make some mistakes and that we would pay for them later on, but I thought we would give the kid some complex and he would rebel when he was a teen like most kids.  Well 16 months in and my son has decided that sleeping in his crib for more than 6 hours is nothing short of cruel and unusual punishment.

This all started because we lived in a one bedroom apartment the first year of his life.  It was easy to just walk over and pick him up when he cried and bring him to the bed. Being in the same room we really couldn’t let him cry himself to sleep since I had to go to work in the morning.  In order for me to sleep we needed the baby to be quiet.   This, we have come to learn, was the cowards way out.  The let him cry it out experiment last about a week or so.  Blake could stand when he held onto the crib rail, but wasn’t strong enough to remains standing for long.  Eventually he would sit down, fall asleep, and usually stay that way.  Well this ended when one night he did his usually crying and fell asleep.  I walk in to check on him and realize he had thrown up all over the side of the crib and himself before falling asleep.  We felt horrible and became afraid to let him cry it out for the next month.

The doctor basically told us we were idiots and to let him learn how to fall asleep on his own.  I mean I can sleep anywhere and my wife uses sleep as a hobby. You think he would take after us or something.  Fast forward and he turns one.  This also coincides with us moving to a two bedroom apartment and a dream of a sleeping baby.  I have learned that my son has a twisted sense of humor because for a week he slept through the night.  Five months later and we have had a handful of repeat performances.  We can rock him to sleep at night, put him in his crib, and he will be out.  Somewhere between midnight and 3AM he decides he is bored of his bed and needs company.  We have tried to let him cry himself back to sleep, but he will cry until 5AM, fall asleep, and wake up at his normal time of 6:30.  Makes for a fun day when the kid keeps you awake all night. We will keep trying different methods and eventually will get this little guy sleeping peacefully all night.

I know one thing though.  When he is a teenager I plan on sneaking in to his room and playing all the tapes we have of him crying in his crib to wake him up.  He put us through this for this long I think he deserves some payback.  Plus I think it will be useful in place of a don’t get your girlfriend pregnant talk.  Anyone else have a tough baby sleep situation or a wonderful tip to get my kid counting sheep for 10 hours???  PLEASE!!

Maybe this book would help: