At this moment you are either thrilled out of your mind, confused, or petrified about the prospects of being a dad in a few months.  My wife and I tried to get pregnant for awhile and when this moment arrived it was exciting and emotional.  That was quickly followed by several weeks of nausea, sleepless nights, stress, and doubt…my wife was fine though.  Granted my wife had the responsibility of being pregnant and carrying our child for nine months while my job was to make her life as easy as possible.

First off take a breath because even though nine months seems like it will take forever everything will go by very quickly so you have to be focused.  Some things you should start with in the first few weeks and months are basic, but important.

  • Make an appointment with an OB for your wife.  If she doesn’t already have an OB ask around to friends, family, and your family doctor to get some recommendations.  Meet with them and make sure you get a good feeling from them because they will be your best friend until your baby is born.  You don’t want a mean doctor that causes you unneeded stress so choose your OB wisely.
  • Hit the supermarket and stock the fridge with good healthy foods.  You need to change those bad eating habits and it isn’t fair if only the mom to be is cutting out alcohol, sugar, caffeine, and junk foods.
  • After your doctor visit start looking into hospitals in your area where you would like to deliver your baby.  You have plenty of time, but this can be easier to do when your partner isn’t seven months along in her pregnancy.  Take tours of the maternity ward, birthing rooms, and the local area.  This should be a happy time and worrying about where your child will be born shouldn’t be on your mind with a few weeks to go.

This is just getting you started on the road to being a dad so, once again, take a breath and get ready for a run ride.