As my son grew and was able to hold his head up without me being afraid to move my hand it became time for some new challenges.  He wasn’t old enough to stand and walk on his own, but he was able to stand when we held him.  I was really surprised at how strong babies are from the day you bring them home.  We talked to our pediatrician and inquired about getting a walker for him so he could roam around our apartment, but she nixed that idea and suggested an exercauser would make more sense.  She felt a walker actually hinders development of walking and that just getting him stronger would be the better idea.  Since we didn’t know what an exercauser was we just nodded and happily agreed so she wouldn’t think we were idiots.  A stop of Buy Buy Baby followed the doctor and we were presented with a wall of cartoon and color filled choices.  We went with the Baby Einstein Around the World Discovery Center.

This choice took us over an hour because all of these things look so similar and offer a lot of features.  Choosing the Baby Einstein unit came from a strong recommendation for the sales associate who was great and very informative.  Once we got home and set the unit up we were glad we made this purchase.  Our son was immediately thrilled the second we put him in the seat.  Some of the toys were very easy for him to play with and spin, while others he didn’t get to fully enjoy until he was a bit stronger and could push some buttons.  We were fine with that because every toy a baby gets apparently has to make a noise you think is cute once or twice, but will eventually drive you insane.  My son outgrew the unit once he started walking – he didn’t want to be confined to the seat, but we did get solid use out of it and he still plays with some of the attachments we put in his toy box.

Detailed Product Review


The main component of the unit was very easy to put together.  The base easily slides and locks with the three position adjustable legs which the top snaps down on.  The middle unit comes as an empty plastic circle and you must attach the included material to create the seat.  The fun part was attaching the toys around the seat.  Take your time and don’t assume just because something fits you should snap it down, because several things fit in multiple locations.  Follow the instructions and place everything correctly because they are very difficult to remove one snapped.  This is good so the baby can’t pull a toy out, but it will make you feel very stupid when you go back to the store because you broke the spinning bird in half.


Our son loved this from the jump.  He was immediately drawn to the bright colors, the easy to move parts, and loved the little mirror.  What was nice about the Baby Einstein was it had three adjustable heights so it grew with him.  Your child should be able to stand on the balls of his feet and support his weight in the unit to encourage standing and balance.  Once they go flat foot you raise it up and are ready for a a few more months.  Within the first couple of weeks he was able to spin himself around easily in the seat and play with all the toys.  Seeing him turn himself was a real thrill – something so simple will make you smile.  There is a little lion hand puppet as one of the toys so you can interact with your child by bringing the puppet to life.


The Baby Einstein was solid and never gave us an issue.  Sturdy plastic all around and it easily supported our son as he passed the 20 pound mark.  The unit says is designed for infants until they hit 25 pounds and by that time your child will hopefully be walking around on their own.  The musical push toy was abused for month by my son – from beating it to spilling water on it – and it is still playing music 14 months later.


3 AAA batteries are needed for the musical attachment

The seat pad is machine washable in case of any accidents

Unit weighs approximately 15 pounds and is easy to slide.

Cost is $79.99 retail but shop around and you can find some deals